City Church seeks to contribute to the common good of Philadelphia through participating in a movement of the gospel of Jesus Christ that brings personal conversion, community formation, social justice, and cultural renewal to our city and the world.


Our vision is to celebrate and follow Jesus through our worship, our life together, and our work. Because of the good news of Jesus' death and resurrection, we are committed to living as a community of love and hope, engaged in God's mission of renewal in our city. Cities are epicenters of culture and creativity, but they are also places of brokenness. Philadelphia boldly displays both, and the scriptures tell us that God is deeply involved in our midst.

Our values reflect this belief and calling:



God’s ancient promises of salvation have come true in a person, Jesus Christ, the Messiah and Son of God, and we seek to live our lives in light of his life, death, and resurrection. Our Christian Faith is rooted in the scriptures of the Old and New Testaments, summarized in the early creeds and reformed confessions of the church, and enriched by a breadth of historic Christian tradition.




Our lives are meant to flow in unceasing celebration of the God who has brought us into fellowship with himself in Jesus Christ. We gather formally on Sundays to celebrate God and renew our lives in his Gospel story through singing, prayer, the exposition of Scripture, and Communion. We also gather missionally throughout the week for times of service, fellowship, prayer, and deeper study of the Scriptures.




Because the Christian life takes shape within the ordinary relationships inside the church community, we are committed to creating space for real relationships. Through genuine involvement in each others lives, we push each other to see how in Jesus, God is breaking down divisions between people of all ethnicities and social strata and weaving the story of his life throughout ours.




God has situated our community in Philadelphia—particularly in the neighborhoods of University City and Fairmount. Through a historic understanding of the Christian faith, we work with other individuals and organizations pursuing the well-being of this great city. We seek to live and worship in ways that affirm the callings of professional and academic life, encouraging the advancement of thought and learning.




In our life together, we seek to enlarge and extend conversation rather than narrow it or end it. We welcome everyone who respects the Christian tradition and will engage their questions of faith whether they share our Christian commitments or not. We seek to promote conversation around faith and life that is characterized by mutual respect and motivated by a shared sense of need and wonder.