Our vision is to see students renewed by the good news of Christ's resurrection and empowered to live by the Spirit within their sphere of relationships. Through discipleship, student-focused small groups, large meetings and seminars, we seek to engage questions of identity, calling, vocation, and academics.

Wednesdays 8pm
3952 Pine Street

Ekklesia is our mid-week, liturgically oriented, worship space for college students. We meet together to pray, sing, confess, and hear from God’s Word. 

For more information, contact John Cunningham.

Christian Essentials
Wednesdays 7pm
3952 Pine Street

This semester, we will be looking at the affirmations of the Apostle's Creed, the summary of the Christian faith used by the church throughout time and space. We will explore the basics of what Christianity believes about God, Jesus, and our redemption and how this faith impacts every area of our lives. 

For more info, contact Ryan McCormick.