City Church is a community committed to growing in our life of joy and peace through communion with God in Christ. God uses many means to form his children into his likeness. As a church family, City Church focuses on eight practices that Christians historically have embraced for their growth. As you read through the list of practices, some you already engage, and others may be less familiar. You do not need to begin all eight practices at once. Start by choosing one or two that are new to you, and add them to your life. Let us help you get started as an individual or a family.



1. Common Worship

We gather together weekly to worship God and, through His Spirit, re-center our lives in Jesus Christ. Rather than viewing this time as a retreat from the “real world,” we believe that the gathered worship of the church is the most real moment of our week - that which shapes our understanding and experience of all the other moments of our lives. Join us for worship at City Church on Sundays.


2. Education & Study

We learn together and wrestle with what the message of the Bible means for our everyday lives and world. Our world is complex. Christianity is complex. We offer a variety of classes and seminars that cover a wide-range of topics. Additionally, you can find books and articles on our resource page for personal study, and our pastors are available to help you develop your own personal study plan.


3. Small Groups

We meet with other people, becoming friends, and help each other to live as disciples of Jesus Christ. Community Groups are the primary space in which adults of all ages and life-stages gather and develop spiritual friendships with both peers and those who are older or younger. Others groups engage more specific relational needs of those in similar life circumstances: Men’s & Women’s Groups, Grief Support Group, College Group, Youth Group, Children’s Group, 55+ Group, High School Parents Group.


4. The Daily Office:
Regular Prayer & Bible Reading

We bring each day's joys and needs to the God who cares for us. We recommend participating in the cycle of prayer and bible readings found in the Daily Office, a structured form of prayer embraced across many traditions of Christianity. You can sign up to receive daily emails that include prayers, and texts of scripture for reflection and prayer.


5. Sabbath & Retreat

We rest from our work and celebrate our new life in Jesus Christ through regular habits of Sabbath. In retreat, we pull away for a short time to reflect upon our relationship with God, with ourselves, and with others. City Church offers several types of retreats: womens, mens, prayer.

Upcoming Retreats for 2018-19 TBA


6. Confession & Spiritual Direction

Christians have often found it helpful to meet with someone more personally for Spiritual Direction and Confession of Sin. Spiritual direction is a practice in which someone inquires about our spiritual life and offers guidance for our prayers. Confession of sin is a more personal conversation with a spiritual leader about our failures and sins. The Pastors of the church are available to assist you in this practice.


7. Generous Giving & Stewardship

The apostle Paul asks the rhetorical question: What do you have, that you have not received? (1 Corinthians 4:7). The answer is nothing. Everything we have in life we have received as a gift. But, in our pride, we often think that the things we have attained in life have come from own strength, wisdom, and ingenuity. They haven’t. They’re all a gift, even and especially our financial standing. Tithing or sacrificial giving is a tangible reminder that we're not ultimately to live self-directed lives, but God and other-directed ones. Sacrificial giving is a discipline to make us more generous, joyful, caring and gracious people. The paradox of Christianity is that we are more blessed, satisfied, and fulfilled when we give, rather than when we receive. It was true of our Savior and it’s true of us. The goal of sacrificial giving is to more fully display the generosity of Jesus to us in our giving to others.


8. Fasting & Feasting

Fasting is a discipline to help us live in light of God’s kingdom rather than our own. It helps free us from the allurement of the world and draw us deeper into fellowship with God. Fasting is not about giving up a meal and remaining in a state of absence. Rather, it’s seeking to be filled by God, more than food. It’s not primarily about absence, but presence. Through fasting we refrain from physical food, in order to be filled by spiritual food- Word of God and prayer. Fasting is feasting upon God’s deep love.