Creating More Than We Consume: This Year, We're All in the Choir

By Bethany Brooks

In the spirit of Andy Crouch's call to "create more than we consume,” I want to ask you all to take part in preparing special musical moments in the Good Friday and Easter services.

On Good Friday, there will be times when the congregation hums sustained notes while a soloist sings; a little advance instruction (see video on this page) will help you to know what's happening and enter into the experience.

On Easter Sunday, we'll all sing a new song with simple 4-part harmony. You could just show up and follow the music in the bulletin on Easter Sunday...but getting familiar with it in advance will help this song to ring out with joy. And maybe you can pick a verse to memorize so that the words can be working their way into your heart and mind. As you learn it by heart you can, as George Steiner says, "(perceive) the elemental pulse of love implicit in that idiom." Audio/video recordings, sheet music, and instructions are available below, and I’ll have short rehearsals around the piano every Sunday during Lent from 12:10-12:25 in UCity and 4:00-4:15 in Fairmount for anyone who would like to practice together.

Thank you in advance for singing in the choir!

Download sheet music for “Glory to God for Christ”

Bethany Brooks shares some instructions about how the congregational choir can help with the Good Friday music.