Morning Prayer | Ordinary Time, Proper 17


Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O Lord, my strength and my redeemer.    Psalm 19:14



Most merciful God, we confess that we have sinned against you in thought, word, and deed, by what we have done, and by what we have left undone. We have not loved you with our whole heart; we have not loved our neighbors as ourselves. We are truly sorry and we humbly repent. For the sake of your Son Jesus Christ, have mercy on us and forgive us; that we may delight in your will, and walk in your ways, to the glory of your Name. Amen.

Silence for reflection

If we confess our sins, he who is faithful and just will forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. Amen.

Lord, open our lips. *
And our mouths shall proclaim your praise!



O LORD, do not rebuke me in your anger; *
    do not punish me in your wrath.
For your arrows have already pierced me, *
    and your hand presses hard upon me.

There is no health in my flesh, because of your indignation; *
    there is no soundness in my body, because of my sin.
For my iniquities overwhelm me; *
    like a heavy burden they are too much for me to bear.
My wounds stink and fester *
    by reason of my foolishness.
I am utterly bowed down and prostrate; *
    I go about in mourning all the day long.
My loins are filled with searing pain; *
    there is no health in my body.

I am utterly numb and crushed; *
    I wail, because of the groaning of my heart.
O Lord, you know all my desires, *
    and my sighing is not hidden from you.
My heart is pounding, my strength has failed me, *
    and the brightness of my eyes is gone from me.
My friends and companions draw back from my affliction; *
    my neighbors stand afar off.
Those who seek after my life lay snares for me; *
    those who strive to hurt me speak of my ruin and plot treachery all the day long.
But I am like the deaf who do not hear, *
    like those who are mute and who do not open their mouth.
I have become like one who does not hear *
    and from whose mouth comes no defense.
For in you, O LORD, have I fixed my hope; *
    you will answer me, O Lord my God.

For I said, "Do not let them rejoice at my expense, *
    those who gloat over me when my foot slips."
Truly, I am on the verge of falling, *
    and my pain is always with me.
I will confess my iniquity *
    and be sorry for my sin.

Those who are my enemies without cause are mighty, *
    and many in number are those who wrongfully hate me.
Those who repay evil for good slander me, *
    because I follow the course that is right.
O LORD, do not forsake me; *
    be not far from me, O my God.
Make haste to help me, *
    O Lord of my salvation.


Lord our God, you did not forget the pierced body of your Son nor the mockery his love received. Do not abandon us, your children, weighed down with sins, but gives us the fullness of your mercy in Jesus Christ our Lord.

Glory to the Father and to the Son
and to the Holy Spirit; *
as it was in the beginning
is now and shall be for ever. Amen.



Wisdom and Grace by Bifrost Arts Music



For those not receiving Evening Prayer Emails, the lectionary OT & NT Lessons for today are 1 Kings 9:24-10:13; James 3:1-12.

MARK 15:1-11

As soon as it was morning, the chief priests held a consultation with the elders and scribes and the whole council. They bound Jesus, led him away, and handed him over to Pilate. Pilate asked him, “Are you the King of the Jews?” He answered him, “You say so.” Then the chief priests accused him of many things. Pilate asked him again, “Have you no answer? See how many charges they bring against you.” But Jesus made no further reply, so that Pilate was amazed.

Now at the festival he used to release a prisoner for them, anyone for whom they asked. Now a man called Barabbas was in prison with the rebels who had committed murder during the insurrection. So the crowd came and began to ask Pilate to do for them according to his custom.Then he answered them, “Do you want me to release for you the King of the Jews?” For he realized that it was out of jealousy that the chief priests had handed him over. But the chief priests stirred up the crowd to have him release Barabbas for them instead.


Silence for reflection



This week, pray especially for:

  • the many suffering from the devastation of Tropical Storm Harvey and from the monsoon in South Asia; for those who have lost their homes and possessions; for the rescue and aid workers; for the churches and shelters providing relief and resources
  • our students, teachers, and administrators in our city schools as they begin this week
  • our community groups and leaders; that they might be places to experience God's friendship with us

Conclude with the Lord's Prayer and/or the following Collect:

Lord of all power and might, the author and giver of all good things: Graft in our hearts the love of your Name; increase in us true religion; nourish us with all goodness; and bring forth in us the fruit of good works; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

Let us bless the Lord. *
Thanks be to God!