Doggie looking for a new home

Hi friends, we will be moving back to Europe and we are trying to make the difficult decision whether we should bring our dog Alfie with us or not. Because he is quite anxious, we are worried that he will not take the airplane travel and the new lifestyle well and that it will be too stressful for him. Before we expose him to a traumatic international move, we want to inquire if there is anyone who would be able to offer this cute, spunky, loving, smart, cuddly, energetic dog a better home in a familiar place. This is really, really hard on us as a family, and it is not an option that he ends up in a shelter or a place that is not suitable for him, so we would only consider leaving him behind if we were to find a perfect new owner. We hope that this community will have or know someone who would be the perfect fit for him!

Here is a little bit about Alfie:
Alfie is a 6 year old, 23 lbs Basenji mix (or perhaps Rhodesian ridgeback..? we don't know!). Alfie loves to get lots of cuddles and to make long walks or runs in open nature or in the dog park. Even though he is 6, he still has tons of energy and outruns most dogs in the dog park. He is very smart and takes on any challenge, especially when it involves climbing, looking for food, and/or chasing squirrels. Besides scavenging and running around, he likes to watch the neighborhood from the window (see picture). Most of all, he loves to get comfortable and build "nests" out of soft blankets, preferably with you under there too so he can use you as a pillow.
He does very well with our son, he is the most caring and careful dog to our 3.5 year old, but we find it hard to predict how he will be with other kids. he normally is fine, but sometimes can get be a bit grumpy. Although he is used to being the only dog in the house, has stayed over in houses with other dogs before, and that always went very well. Alfie does not do well with cats.
Let us know if you would be interested or if you know of someone looking for a dog. Email me for pictures and more information. Thank you!

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