Sunday Morning / Teach & Mentor / Serve the World

"A community becomes truly and radiantly one when all its members have a sense of urgency in their mission. There are too many people in the world who have no hope. There are too many cries which go unheard. There are too many people dying in loneliness. It is when members of a community realize that they are not there simply for themselves or their own sanctification, but to welcome the gift of God, to hasten his Kingdom and to quench the thirst in parched hearts through their prayer and sacrifice, love and acts of service, that they will truly live in community." - J. Vanier

We know our dependence on God and on each other and we seek to be a community that engages with the needs of those around us. How can you be involved in service at City Church, in Philadelphia, and in the world? Connect with our Diaconate if you need to talk more about finding a space to serve.


Sunday morning Logistics and Hospitality

On any Sunday morning many volunteers work hard to make space for the City Church community to worship in joy and peace. Finding a place on one of these teams is a great way to move towards others.





Teaching and Mentoring

Men and women with the heart and wisdom to minister to children, youth and students are some of our most valuable resources at City Church and in the community. There are a number of ways you can be involved on Sunday or during the week in walking alongside someone younger than you, offering encouragement and showing Christ's love.








Serving Our World

Nicholas Wolterstoff aptly noted, "Shalom is both God's cause in the world and our human calling." Being the body of Christ means being an active, redemptive presence in all the places where God has called our community to live, work, and travel. Many of our mission efforts are led by members of our community with a passion for and connections to specific areas of need.

In Philadelphia, City Church communities have been actively involved in city-wide work days, public school events, refugee resettlement programs, and homeless and hospital ministries. We have supported mission trips to help construction efforts in depressed regions of Appalachia, to teach families living in the city dump of Tegucigalpa, Honduras, to provide help to an orphanage in Port Au Prince, Haiti, and to work with disabled children in Kampala, Uganda.

We continue to look for lasting ways to engage God's mission of renewal in our city and world. If you are interested in initiatives in our City or the world contact our Diaconate.