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Urban Philadelphia life is marked by transience, distraction and consumption. Relationships are limited by career demands and schedules that discourage us from sinking deep roots with others and working toward a life of flourishing. Yet the Biblical story is clear that relationship and renewing work is foundational to the fabric of our humanity. We need connection and mission to be truly alive.

The church is God's counter-cultural community of connection and mission, united by his Spirit in the faithfulness of Jesus. Membership in the church is a counter-cultural move. By it we admit our dependence on God and one another. By taking vows of commitment, we move from being consumers of faith to active members caught up in the mission of Jesus--working through joy and sorrow to be a body in which God's grace and mercy extends to the world.


City Church Membership Process

1. Attend a Membership Seminar. These are a great way to interact with the vision and values of City Church, even if you do not continue with the membership process. Check our our calendar to find out when the next membership seminar will be.

2. Submit a Membership Application. This tells us a little about you, your beliefs, and your spiritual journey. Unable to fill out the online form below? Request a PDF version by emailing our office.

Membership Application

3. Talk with a Pastor About Your Story. This is a time to talk with a member of our pastoral staff about personal issues of faith, particular questions about City Church, and to think together about how you can contribute to the life of our community. An interview can be scheduled in your application or by emailing our office. Most interviews take place just before or after the service but can be scheduled for other times as needed.

4. Take Vows of Membership. During a Sunday worship service, we introduce you to the church and administer vows that affirm the basic Christian faith and a commitment to help with the flourishing of the City Church community.

If you have questions about our membership process, contact Chris Currie.