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Our classifieds page is a place for those involved with, interested in, or connected to the City Church community to communicate needs and resources with one another. Getting rid of a coffee table? Working out a house situation? Want to connect an employment opportunity? This is a place to share such things and to see what others are sharing. Almost everyone is welcomed to post, but you will need to create a USER ACCOUNT first, as Spambots are are some of the few we don't allow. Posts will be monitered for appropriateness, &ct. and deleted after a few months (if your post is still relavent after that time please feel free to re-post it).


Please keep in mind that this is a public forum and post accordingly.

Posts here should be typical of a classified ad.  Please be concise and respectful with the information you provide or respond to.  

City Church does not endorse these listings, and advises you to check all references as you would any other public listing.


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